Greeting Friends and Fans,

I have been told that I am absolutely crazy on the one hand, and brave and full of artistic integrity on the other. I am sure the truth lies somewhere in-between. Regardless, I have gone and re-recorded the entire CD that I put out just last August. It is not that I don't totally appreciate and love all of those who made the first project possible. It is just that, by the end of it all, I realized I wanted a totally different sound: one that reflected how I sound in my live shows, and one that featured the great musicians I am now playing with. So, what you hear here is at least, closer to that vision. Many thanks to all these musicians: Bryon Thompson on dobro and vocals, Tom Horsfall on bass and vocals, Tad Ruszel on mandolin, recording, production, and relentless encouragement and finally Chris Herbst for sitting in on dobro for a couple of tunes. It is indeed, a steep learning curve: coming back into the musical fold after so many years of just "hobbying" my music.  I am now busy working on the next CD. I have a"five CD's in five years" plan and hope to stick to it come hell or highwater!! Thanks to everyone for continuing support!!!